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Microsoft Publisher Mail-Merge Batch Printing
Automatically Separate Publisher Mail-Merge Jobs So You Can Use Your Printer's Finishing Features
  Publisher Mail-Merge Batch Printing enables you to have mail-merged jobs in Microsoft Publisher separated into individual batches. This is typically done to accommodate for printers that include finishing options. For example, if your printer has a fold and staple finishing option, Publisher normally sends a mail-merge job to your printer as one large job, which results in the entire mail-merge job being folded and stapled as one big document, which is not what you would normally want. By configuring Publisher to break the mail-merge job into batches, typically separated by each record in the mail-merge job, Publisher will then send each mail-merged record as an individual job, and your printer will fold and staple for each mail-merged record in the job.

Publisher Mail-Merge Batch Printing supports Microsoft Publisher versions 2002 and higher.

  Download Free Microsoft Publisher Mail-Merge Batch Printing

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