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Who We Are

DataBasix Technologies is dedicated to providing companies with tools to increase business, and consumers with products that make life easier.

In the beginning...
DataBasix Technologies was established in 1993 amidst the clamoring by real estate professionals for a marketing-based contact manager which, at the time, simply did not exist. Formerly part of a sales automation consulting group, DataBasix recognized that such a system would need to consolidate complete prospect and customer information, and provide the means to quickly and easily retrieve this critical contact data. DataBasix also understood that users would not want to have to become technical experts to benefit from such a powerful system. DataBasix shared its vision with Apple Computer's software division who promptly supported DataBasix's efforts. Thus was borne LeadCommander, the first contact manager for Windows and Macintosh that combined lead-generation, prospecting, client follow-up and marketing campaign management into a single contact management system.

Rave reviews of LeadCommander at its initial debut earned Apple's continued marketing and promotion support, and prompted DataBasix to grant OEM licenses for LeadCommander to prominent real estate service providers to help satisfy market demand. Capitalizing upon its subsequent appointment to Apple computer's Software Advisory Board, DataBasix continued to broaden LeadCommander's capabilities with new leading-edge technologies, and establish a mainstream general business market position. To date, as a contact manager, LeadCommander offers unparalleled data manipulation capabilities, and as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, its power and flexibility make it indispensable to its users who refuse to settle for anything less.

DataBasix Technologies Today...
DataBasix's current product line spans business and consumer markets. Its line of business tools helps professionals drive more traffic into their businesses, and its consumer packages provide peace of mind for individuals and households. Offerings include a personal assets and home inventory protection package, expense tracking, password tracking, tools for software developers, and more.

DataBasix products have been predominantly marketed under OEM licenses to entities prominent in their respective industries, joint venture agreements, and via catalog and resale companies. Today, a direct sales operation is also in place to address the demands of  customers who prefer to do business with DataBasix directly.

DataBasix enjoys success in a variety of markets, including the sales, marketing, real estate, and business promotion industries. DataBasix attributes its success to more than just its product development efforts. High on DataBasix's list of priorities sits customer service, which some might say is virtually non-existent in today's business climate. DataBasix believes that many companies place too much emphasis on their next "holy grail", while shunning current customers and, ultimately, their future. DataBasix's successful technique of balancing future development and customer service is evident in its product upgrade and repeat customer sales.

Customers say...
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 customer's phone call

 "I just want to say thank you. I wish that everybody that I dealt with was as cordial and quick in helping me as you are. Your company is outstanding!"
-- Rudy D., Yuma, AZ

"I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. I own a consulting business and one of my customers uses LeadCommander. Having no experience with LeadCommander, I called your Tech Support line. Tech Support was amazingly patient and the quality of service was superb. They even stayed after hours to answer my questions. I came into the job knowing nothing at all about LeadCommander and I finished the job feeling as if I was an expert."
-- Kevin M., Consultant, Vero Beach, FL

"Thanks for your support. I've been using your software for ten years now, and it's fantastic!!! Thanks!"
-- Ron M., San Mateo, CA

"Thanks... timely responses are rare, and are greatly appreciated."
-- Paul O., Tucson, AZ

"Just thought I would write you a note to thank you for all the support you have given me over the years."
-- Diane L., Columbus, OH

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