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DataBasix LogoDataBasix Technologies
Asset tracking for Windows, as featured in Kiplinger's Retirement Report and Physician's Money Digest.
AssetCommander is an easy-to-use personal inventory computer program designed to help you keep track of your assets and other personal items, such as properties, furniture, jewelry, automobiles, entertainment items, financial assets, insurance policies, etc...complete with pictures. With push-button simplicity and intuitive data management, AssetCommander enables you to enter, view, search and sort your assets within seconds! Reports, subtotaled by item type and location, help keep you on top of your assets, making AssetCommander invaluable when it comes to taking inventory, calculating net worth, and especially when filing insurance claims in the event of disaster. AssetCommander even helps with your estate planning, wills and trusts.
AssetCommander includes:
  • Asset Tracking by:
    • Date Acquired
    • Asset Type
    • Serial and Reference Numbers
    • Value of Asset
    • Location of Asset
    • Asset Name
    • Asset Description
  • Storing of Asset Images
    • Graphic Formats Supported:
      • Computer Graphics Metafile (.CGM)
      • Bitmap (.BMP)
      • Tagged Image File Format (.TIF)
      • Compuserve GIF (.GIF)
      • ZSoft Paintbrush (.PCX)
      • Aldus/Windows Metafile (.WMF)
      • Micrografix Designer (.DRW)
      • HP Graphics Language (.PLT)
      • Lotus Picture (.PIC)
      • Autocad Slide (.SLD)
      • Macintosh PICT (.PCT)
      • MacPaint (.MAC)
      • Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS)
  • Full Searching and Sorting Capabilities
  • On-screen and Printed Lists Sorted, Subtotaled, and Totaled by Type and Location
  • 30 Days of Free Technical Support

    ...and more!

AssetCommander includes these additional benefits:
  • Insurance Policy Module - link assets to insurance policies
  • Insurance Coverage-to-Asset Value Ratio Monitor alerts you when asset values exceed policy coverage amounts
  • Police Asset Loss Report generation for assistance with reporting losses
  • Insurance Asset Loss Report generation for assistance with filing insurance claims
  • Added support for JPEG (.JPG) graphic file format
  • Backup module backs up entire program for added protection
  • DataDot-enhanced means it also works with the DataDot Theft Deterrent and Asset Protection Kit
The Experts say...
"If you can't prove you owned it, you can't claim it. That pretty much sums up the insurance battle. Put assets on the record with AssetCommander."
-- Physician's Money Digest

"A home inventory can come to your aid in a number of circumstances. AssetCommander helps you record inventory information and makes updating easy."
-- Kiplinger's Retirement Report

  AssetCommander Platinum Edition for Windows Download

  AssetCommander Platinum Edition for Windows - US$29.95

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