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Developer Distribution Kit for Windows
  It happens to all of us. While working on our computers, we experience the inevitable system crash, or in some cases, hear the horrible sound of our hard drive seizing! Since we happen to be software developers, it's not so bad because we make regular backups of critical data that cannot be replaced, right?

But what about end-users of our products? Do they make backups of our software? If experience is any indication, the answers is NO! While third-party backup software is available to all users, you probably already know that for some reason most of our users don't use them. Whether the software is too complicated to easily figure out, or our users are afraid of proprietary software/hardware (who can blame them), the fact is that too many users don't back up!

We created BackupCommander to help us protect our own end-users' data. And, now, so can you, with our all-new BackupCommander Developer Distribution Kit (DDK)!

BackupCommander Highlights
  • BackupCommander works with ANY software program

  • BackupCommander can be easily integrated into applications that you distribute

  • BackupCommander DDK enables you, the developer, to create Backup Profiles that control how your applications are backed up for your end-users

  • You can even create Profiles that require no input at all from the user, other than where the backup is to be stored
    • Files to be backed up don't even need to be selected because that information is pre-defined and stored in the Profiles that you create

  • BackupCommander includes backup options for added flexibility. You can allow users to:
    • Select from four (4) different levels of compression when backing up
    • Password-encrypt their backups
    • Save relative directory structures within the backup

  • BackupCommander supports standard media types
    • Diskette
    • Zip drive
    • Jaz drive
    • Super 120
    • Remote Network Volume
    • BackupCommander will even span multiple disks when necessary

  • Unlike other backup utilities, BackupCommander does NOT use proprietary forms of compression or algorithms
    • Backups are completely Zip-compatible
    • If for some reason BackupCommander's Restore utility cannot be found when a user needs to restore their precious data from a backup, any Zip-compatible utility can be used in its place
      • In the event that a backup is password-protected, your users can rest easy knowing that the encryption remains intact even when using a Zip-compatible utility to restore the backup

  • Although BackupCommander can be used with ANY program, the Developer Distribution Kit includes sample FileMaker Pro scripts and Access code to show you how to easily integrate BackupCommander directly into your applications
    • Sample FileMaker Pro scripts show you how to incorporate BackupCommander directly into your FileMaker Pro solutions
    • Copy and paste the included Access code directly into your Microsoft Access applications

  • BackupCommander can also be run from a typical program icon

  • The BackupCommander DDK license allows you to distribute BackupCommander along with your own applications in unlimited quantities, royalty-free! No hidden "gotchas" means you can distribute BackupCommander with ALL of your applications. And, no extra charges for network seats, either!
      BackupCommander Developer Distribution Kit - US$199

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