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E-MergeCommander Email Blaster
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Your own email blaster with no monthly fees!

Whether you bulk email when prospecting, marketing, or following up with clients and customers, E-MergeCommander gives you complete control of your email blasts.

  • Features typically available only through third-party email drip service providers are built into E-MergeCommander, giving you your own personal email drip system. What this means for you is that you pay no monthly fees!

  • E-MergeCommander requires no special hardware or third-party service and simply installs on your computer like any other software. When sending mail, E-MergeCommander communicates with standard mail servers just like the typical email program that resides on your computer.

  • And, for a limited time, includes full-featured contact manager and customer relationship management system! E-MergeCommander currently ships as part of the single-user version of our LeadCommander system. Simply add or import your contacts or target recipients and you're ready to go. If you'd like a multi-user network version instead, simply purchase E-MergeCommander, then pay only the upgrade fee between single-user version and desired multi-user version.
Automatically personalized email messages
E-MergeCommander creates an individual email message for each of your recipients and automatically e-merges the information for each recipient into each message. So, instead of seeing that they are part of an email list, recipients receive a personalized message with only their name and email address in the message. You can also opt to have the recipient's first name automatically inserted into the message subject to help catch the eye of your recipients as they scan through their incoming messages.

The E-Merge job below contains 66 messages, each of which is personalized with the recipient's name.

Your own personal email drip system
To help prevent your bulk email job from looking like spam and being rejected by your mail server, you can "drip" your email blast to your mail server by inserting pauses between messages, breaking your email blast into batches with pauses between each batch, or both!

E-MergeCommander supports standard HTML
Use HTML tags to emphasize key elements in your communication. You can preview your message in your web browser before sending.

Store an unlimited number of form letter email messages
Because E-MergeCommander includes our LeadCommander contact manager and CRM, you can create and store as many form letter email messages as you want, enabling you to simply point and click when you want to blast a follow-up message to prospects and clients.

Every email you send is automatically recorded in each contact's history pad
When a recipient responds to one of your marketing emails, a quick glance at history will ready you to discuss the email, and your respondent will be impressed with your attention to detail.

Email history will also help you easily know which of your marketing email messages are driving in new business!

 ...and much more!

E-MergeCommander with LeadCommander Single-User $99

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