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IP Address Monitor
Monitor Your Dynamic IP Address with IP Address Tracking and Automatic Remote Notifications
  Because a Dynamic IP Address changes periodically, it may at first seem that a Static IP Address (permanent IP Address) is the logical choice if you need remote access your computer or internal network. But, the problems associated with failing to remotely connect to a location when that location's IP Address changes are now a thing of the past with IP Address Monitor, because IP Address Monitor's IP address tracking and remote notifications ensure that you're always kept abreast of new IP Addresses.

IP Address Monitor also helps eliminate the hidden costs associated with Static IP Addresses. In fact, with IP Address Monitor, a Dynamic IP Address might prove to be a smarter choice than a Static IP Address, depending upon your particular needs and resources.

Static IP Address Issues:

  • Internet service provided through a Static IP Address is typically more expensive than a Dynamic IP Address.
  • A Static IP Address requires a bit more technical abilities to implement.
  • Because a Static IP Address doesn't change, you need to enhance security measures because by virtue of a Static IP Address always pointing to the same computer or network, a hacker is provided more time to hack into the security of that computer or network because that IP Address never changes.

A Dynamic IP Address, on the other hand, provides these benefits:

  • A Dynamic IP Address is less expensive than a Static IP Address
  • A Dynamic IP Address requires little to no technical effort to install
  • Due to the fact that a Dynamic IP Address changes every so often, it is more difficult for a hacker to penetrate your computer or network.

So, before you commit to increased resources, including higher monthly fees on a long-term contract, for a Static IP Address because you need to connect to a computer or network from a remote location, you might want to check out IP Address Monitor. This beauty of a gem enables you to continue to benefit from your existing low-cost Dynamic IP Address by eliminating the remote connection headaches you would normally experience when your IP Address changes!

IP Address Monitor Features and Benefits
  • SmartNotify function automatically sends e-mail notifications when an IP Address changes
    • Customize the return e-mail address, subject and the message, so notifications catch your eye when they arrive
    • Support for multiple e-mail addresses enables your entire team, department, or family to know of IP Address changes
    • Mail server authentication support and open SMTP port selection lets you have notifications sent via the mail server of your choice

  • Notification override function enables you to trigger notifications even if the IP Address hasn't changed
    • perfect for reminders of changes

  • Automatic IP Address Monitoring and Tracking
    • Run upon Windows Startup for daily monitoring
    • Run on a schedule in any scheduling program, including the Task Scheduler included in Windows for continuous monitoring

  • Run Silently in Background option
    • allows you to work undisturbed, yet confident that IP Address Monitor is doing its job
    • perfect for computer consultants to install on client computers so they can remotely assist clients at a moment's notice

  • Monitor override function displays your IP Address without affecting your monitoring configuration or triggering notification
  • Unlike similar products that must constantly run as a Windows Service, IP Address Monitor's small footprint runs self-contained so you don't tie up Windows memory or resources
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