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LeadCommander Brochure
Fierce competition in today's markets sends businesses scrambling to find new prospects while maintaining fruitful relationships with existing customers...
Rising costs continue to devour hard-earned revenues forcing companies to seek out new technologies that make more effective use of time and money...
Whether your business involves products or services, you work from a corporate office or out of your home, you face headline challenges like these every day. We know, because like all businesses, we face them, too. We knew we’d save time and money if we could quickly and easily:
• Track complete customer data including alternate contacts, all addresses and phone numbers, past and future activity, notes...

• Build a solid client referral base

• Acquire new, qualified prospects

• Group clients and prospects by industry, area, interest level...

• Implement product- or industry-specific marketing campaigns to target-market new prospects

• Keep organized and stay on top of client follow-up campaigns

• Review sales activity to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts

Enter LeadCommander...

... a system that combines contact management with lead-generation and marketing campaign management, all from a relationship-building standpoint Not only can you track and instantly retrieve any information pertaining to your contacts and their related activities, you can also implement traditional and leading-edge marketing campaigns, and even evaluate their effectiveness. Imagine how much time and money you’d save, and more business you’d generate, by replacing a mailer that isn’t pulling with a mailer or e-message that’s already proven to work! Certified for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Take a look at these 8 Easy Steps to Profit-building relationships with LeadCommander...
WARNING! Use of this system results in increased business, reduced costs and more free time.
Import data from industry-standard data providers to help you contact new prospects
Choose from LeadCommander's pre-defined one-click import options, or import data from any other source, including other database programs and data-capturing utilities.
From the Main contact "card" layout, instantly access all relevant contact information including telephone numbers and scheduled activities. The tabs at the top of each contact "card" are used to navigate to other contact card layouts shown in this overview.
Find a target group, eg. owners of 4k sq. ft. homes purchased more than 20 years ago... or businesses in the 94086 zip code with revenues of $1 - $10M and the SIC code for manufacturing
Residential Data
If you're a real estate professional or market your wares to homeowners, use LeadCommander’s Site layout to track property data or aim marketing campaigns at property owners.
Multimedia Containers
Use LeadCommander’s Container field to store pictures of properties or clients, movies or video clips, recordings of conversations, or even links to documents in other programs.
Alternate Contact Information
Alternate contact information, shipping and billing addresses help you keep accurate records.
Free Fields
LeadCommander’s 24 free fields enable you to track any information not already provided for.
Choose a one-click Action Plan to schedule a series of marketing tasks for your target group
Action Plans
Action Plans consist of a series of related tasks or activities. When an Action Plan is assigned, its related tasks are scheduled automatically. Action Plans can be assigned to individual contacts or groups of contacts. Action Plans are perfect for marketing campaigns, client follow-ups and even special projects. For example, a Realtor might create an Action Plan for escrow-related activities; a salesperson might create a sales cycle Action Plan; while a Doctor might create Action Plans for specific medical treatments.
Mail-merge with the built-in letter writer or your favorite word processor to create personalized mailings to your target group...
... or use LeadCommander's trademarked E-Merge function to send personalized e-mail messages to your target group... automatically personalized so they don't look like spam!
Print cost-saving address labels and envelopes sorted for bulk mailing and bar-coded for accelerated delivery
Smart Labels
LeadCommander is smart enough to know that you don’t always use all the labels on a sheet.
Use the interactive Calendar to view the next task of your marketing action plan, and the auto-dialer for speedy follow-up calls
Point-and-click calendar makes activity scheduling a breeze. Quickly view activities by day, week or month, and by type or priority.
Use contact History Pads to record completed activities, and Note Pads for information you can use to build fruitful relationships
History Pad
Completed activities are logged in contact History pads. With the click of a button, instantly display only specific activity types, or search for a particular key word or phrase. You can even search all contacts for a specific history entry. For example, finding all contacts who responded to a certain mailer can assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. You can also quickly search all contact histories by date range, company, contact or even key words to generate detailed and accurate call activity reports... Ideal for departmental meetings!
Note Pad
Store personal information or any other data that will assist you in building fruitful relationships with your contacts. Like history pads, Note Pads are completely searchable, which provides you with even more power and flexibility!
Search across all contact history and note pads globally to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
LeadCommander's intuitive Lead-Generation, Contact Management and Marketing capabilities have already Increased Sales and Profitability for thousands of users...
Why wait to improve YOUR business?

Risk Free!


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