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DataBasix LogoDataBasix Technologies
With LeadCommander, nothing falls through the cracks!
Always on the leading edge, LeadCommander is the world's first contact and customer relationship manager that's also a...
  • Lead-generator
  • Prospecting System
  • Marketing Campaign Manager
  • Contact Manager
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Client Follow-up Program
       ... all rolled into one powerful, affordable system.

                               NO MONTHLY FEES!
Certified for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more.

So, stop wasting your time and money!
What is LeadCommander?
Are you looking for a contact manager when you really should be looking for a marketing system that includes contact and customer relationship management features? Think about it. The reason you need such software in the first place is because you sell goods and/or services, and even if you already have all the customers and prospects you need, contact follow-up software simply won't cut it. You need a system that enables you to generate new prospects, as well as cultivate new business from existing and past clients. That's why we created LeadCommander.
LeadCommander is not just a standard contact database software with marketing features added as an afterthought. The prospecting, lead-generation and marketing tools necessary to drive new traffic into your business are key components engineered directly into the core of LeadCommander's system. This results in a smooth, flowing marketing and lead generating system that enables you to quickly and easily pluck "ripe" prospects from a list of leads, while at the same time its leading customer relationship management abilities enables you to strengthen existing relationships.
LeadCommander Philosophy
Often mis-categorized as a contact or customer relationship manager - CRM -, LeadCommander is a complete lead-generation, marketing and follow-up system that includes contact and customer relationship management features that extend far beyond the functions of pure contact and customer relationship managers. If you've ever used a contact or customer relationship manager, you know how cumbersome it is to update multiple contact records when you complete a task for the group, or try to schedule a series of activities based on of one of your marketing or follow-up campaigns! Why is that? Because contact managers typically focus strictly on helping you manage contacts on a one-on-one basis.
LeadCommander, on the other hand, concentrates on helping you establish new relationships with its lead-generation and prospecting tools, as well as provides you with the means to nurture existing relationships, all at the same time. That's not to say LeadCommander can't be used as a contact or customer relationship manager. To the contrary, LeadCommander's revolutionary contact management capabilities include the most powerful follow-up tools available anywhere. For example, most sales and marketing professionals don't just work with contacts one by one, they often work with groups of contacts at a time, for example when marketing or prospecting. Thus, LeadCommander's "extended-reach" contact management features enable you to work with groups just as easily as individual contacts. You can update groups of contacts in one-fell-swoop, schedule a series of various activities to a group of contacts (perfect for marketing campaigns, sales cycles. etc.), and even manage various projects at the same time!
Why Use LeadCommander?
When used simply as a customer relationship manager, LeadCommander not only enables you to store as many details as you like, you can do all the things a typical customer relationship manager allows you to do, plus search, sort, retrieve, convert and manipulate data in virtually any way you want. Imagine being able to easily implement your 12-stage follow-up campaign to all customers with whom you did business this past year, or search for all contacts that received your "new sales process" letter within the last six months to determine whether or not that newsletter is pulling!
First released in 1994 to address the marketing needs of the real estate industry, LeadCommander was quickly adopted by real estate professionals as the prospecting and lead-generation system of choice. In fact, Fortune 200-ranked Chicago Title Insurance Company immediately licensed and began a campaign centered around the distribution of LeadCommander and training of real estate professionals, with other top-tier companies such as First American and Title Security quickly following suit. This adoption of LeadCommander by real estate industry powerhouses, along with endorsement by Apple's software subsidiary, enabled DataBasix Technologies to continue integrating new marketing technologies into LeadCommander's repertoire.

Chicago Title's own LeadCommander campaign continued for an unprecedented 14 years until, in 2008, the Department of Insurance enacted new RESPA laws that prevent title insurance companies from providing such services. Said one Chicago Title executive, "In the history of the company, we've never done anything for as long as we ran our LeadCommander campaign, and we would not have continued for so long if the campaign wasn't so successful." Today, LeadCommander is a leading-edge contact, marketing and customer relationship management system that enables any business to easily build and maintain a solid prospect and customer base.

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