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Key Features

LeadCommander 9.0 has been released!

  • Access new leads from unlimited sources
    • Import data from any source including MetroScan, DataQuick, Dun & Bradstreet, TRW's ConnX, SelectPhone, etc.
  • Market your wares to consumers, businesses, homeowners, renters, residences, etc.
    • Market to prospects based on any criteria including industry, annual revenue, geographic location, size of home or business, property owner status, etc.
  • Work with groups of contacts as easily as individuals
    • LeadCommander's unique ability to work with groups of records increases target-marketing effectiveness and saves you time and money
  • Implement, track and evaluate your marketing campaigns
    • Helps determine which of your marketing efforts are yielding the best return
  • Track complete customer details including activities, histories, notes, etc.
    • Keeps all customer information at your fingertips, enabling you to personalize your client follow-up actions

Certified for Windows 10,Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 95

And that's not all...LeadCommander enables you to search, sort, and manipulate your data any way you want!

LeadCommander Highlights and Benefits
  • Windows 10-Ready
    • Built-in support for Windows versions 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista and more ensures users with a smooth transition to Microsoft's newest operating systems.
  • Send Contacts and Activities into Microsoft Outlook and Mobile Devices
    • Unlike other software that sends your entire database, you can pick and choose which contacts you want sent.
      • For example, instead of ending up with thousands of prospects cluttering up your portable address book, you can send only important clients.
    • Similarly, instead of sending all upcoming activities, you can choose to send only the activities of your choice.
      • For example, instead of ending up with hundreds, if not thousands, of prospecting mailers cluttering up your portable calendar, you can send only appointments and important phone calls.
    • Data can also be sent to any handheld device that can interface with Microsoft Outlook
  • Enhanced Screen Design makes things easier on the eyes  - New!
    • Choose your preferred background colors.
    • Personalize even further by using your own background images
  • Real Estate Marketing Library
    • While LeadCommander is used in a wide variety of industries, LeadCommander is used by thousands of real estate professionals. Our new Real Estate Marketing Library consists of over 200 letters, postcards, ads and more, and is designed to help maximize the effect of LeadCommander's marketing prowess.
    • Materials include Microsoft Word and Publisher documents, and can be modified to fit your own personal style.
  • International Date Format Aware
    • Supports U.S. and International Date Formats
    • Network version can host users with different date formats simultaneously!
  • All-new E-MergeCommander module included - New!
    • More than simple e-mail messaging, our trademarked E-Merge function merges contact names as salutations in e-mail messages, then connects, sends and logs sent e-mail to contact history
    • When E-Merging to groups of contacts, sends individual personalized messages to each contact which eliminates contacts receiving "CC:" or "BCC:" list of other recipients
    • Easily keep your customers and prospects abreast of important news
    • Perfect for online marketing!
    • Address validation detects common typographical errors in e-mail addresses, and offers address correction before sending; reduces possibility of jobs halting due to bad address formatting.
    • Message Preview enables you to preview messages before sending.
    • Send Attachments with your messages. You can even send multiple attachments.
    • HTML Support helps you spice up your correspondence by enabling you to insert HTML documents to send messages in web page format.
    • Enhanced Mail Server Authentication now supports standard TLS/SSL server security 
    • Batch-Sending Option includes the ability to break E-merge jobs into batches sent at timed intervals helps prevent mail servers from thinking you're sending unauthorized messages  
  • Remote networking via the Internet
    • Network versions include the ability to connect via local networks, as well as wide area networks
    • Remotely access a LeadCommander network host via the Internet
  • Hyper-Speed Database Search Engine
    • Rated fastest search engine by PCMagazine
    • Find records based on any criteria or combination of criteria.
    • Ability to save the searches themselves, not just the results of a search, means the next time you use your saved search, any new records added since the last time you searched won't fall through the cracks! 
  • Activity Scheduler with point-and-click activity scheduling
    • Individual contacts
    • Groups of contacts
    • Personal activities
    • Recurring activities 
  • Activity Calendar for point-and-click activity viewing
    • View activities by month, week or day
    • View scheduled activities by type and/or priority
    • Search within individual contacts' scheduled activities
    • Globally search contacts for specific scheduled activities
    • Automatic checking of scheduled activities
      • Includes user-selectable activity carryover function for past-due activities
  • Action Plans automate scheduling of an unlimited number of plan-related activities. Perfect for:
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Sales strategies
    • Follow-up schedules
    • Special Projects, for example:
      • Closing procedures and tasks
      • Projects with time-lines 
      • Escrow-related activities
  • Added Benefits of New Professional Series Calendar:
    • While LeadCommander maintains its convenient one-click viewing of activity types, i.e. calls, appts., mailer, faxes, e-mails and other to-dos, the new Professional Series Calendar also categorizes activities by user, project, business, etc.
      • For example, activities can be scheduled for colleagues
    • Action Plans can include tasks assigned to different users
      • For example, your assistant can be responsible for all tasks relating to mailers and faxes, while you perform all follow-up calls and attend all key meetings
    • On-the-fly switching enables you to schedule, view and work with only activities for yourself, activities for someone else, or all users' activities at any given moment
    • Variation: A user with multiple businesses, for example Real Estate and Tax Accounting, can keep contacts from both businesses in one LeadCommander database. When scheduling activities for the Real Estate business, activities can simply be assigned to the Real Estate business. The same for the Tax Accounting business. One click displays either business's activities or both.
    • Network clients can instantly see other users' scheduled activities
    • Business owners and managers can easily stay on top of all users' activities
    • Ability to see other users' activities eliminates duplicate follow-up and marketing efforts
    • Provides easy access to re-assign activities from one user and/or project to another
    • Schedule internal meetings with multiple personnel
  • All-new BackupCommander module included - New!
    • Integrated .ZIP-compatible full-program backup
    • Non-proprietary format means data can be extracted even if original restore utility is lost
    • Choose the total number of sequential backup sets you want keep - helps ensure you can revert back to different points in time should you ever need to
    • "Mirror" Option enables you to have backup sets duplicated on external drives for redundancy making for even greater safeguards
  • Data-only Backup and Restore functions
    • Saves your data in common text format
    • Alternate data-only backups with full-program backups for complete protection against disaster
  • Password Security
    • Protects your data from prying eyes
  • Auto Startup function - New!
    • Enables you to have a backup performed automatically upon starting LeadCommander
    • Saves time by entering password for you in low-security-risk environments
  • Auto Exit function - New!
    • Enables you to have a backup performed automatically upon exiting LeadCommander
  • Pre-defined import options for leading data providers - ideal for lead-generation, "farming" and prospecting
    • MetroScan
      • Real Estate Property Data
    • Dun & Bradstreet
      • Business Data
    • DataQuick CD and On-line services
      • Real Estate Property Data
      • New Homes/New Owners
      • Mortgage Leads
    • ProCD's SelectPhone Home and Business Editions
      • Residence Telephone Directory on CD
      • Business Yellow Pages on CD
    • TRW's Neighborhood and Business ConnX CD products
      • ResidenceTelephone Directory on CD
      • Business Yellow Pages on CD
    • User-defined import option facilitates importing data in a variety of formats, i.e. ASCII, DBF, TAB, WKS...
      • Save import field orders in templates you can re-use when importing multiple data files from the same data source
  • Optional real estate property information screen
    • Perfect for businesses that aim their marketing at property owners, for example:
      • Real estate professionals
      • Bankers
      • Insurance brokers
      • Contractors
      • Video stores
      • or any other businesses that track property information as part of their marketing strategies
    • Property details include parcel and building square footage, rooms, assessed values, sale price, loan amounts, zoning, etc.
    Built-in translators for easy database upgrades
    • ACT!
    • Information Products' Farm 2000, GoldKey, MyFarm, etc.
  • Fully searchable contact History and Note pads
    • Search within individual History pads for specific activity types with the click of a button
    • Search individual History and Note pads for key words or phrases
    • Globally search Histories and Notes to monitor the effectiveness of mailing campaigns and marketing strategies
    • History entries are stamped with name of user who completed activity or task, and Notes are identified by user who entered the note
      • Makes for easy communication between teams and workgroups
      • Provides ability to "drill-down" to finite details
      • Enhances Call Report efficiency when tracking progress and evaluating performance.
  • Call Report Generator
    • View detailed and accurate activity reports by date range, contact, company, or even key words
      • Ideal for departmental meetings
      • Perfect for evaluating performance and marketing effectiveness 
  • Built-in letter writer
    • Fire off form letters to contacts with a few simple mouse-clicks
  • Form letter database
    • Provides for quick letter writing, or use when performing E-Merges 
    • Stores up to 2 Gigabytes or 1,000,000+ letters
  • Enhanced label and envelope printing
    • Custom messages on envelopes
    • Return address options for envelopes and select label formats 
    • Postal Barcoding options for bulk mailing
    • Multiple label and envelope sizes
    • Starting label selector enables you to choose the label you want to start printing on -- no more wasted labels!
  • Support for mail merging with your favorite word processor
    • Launches your word processor
    • Enables you to continue using your existing forms; letters, labels, envelopes, etc.
    • Supports mail merge using data from any field(s)
  • Multiple external program launching and merging
    • Use LeadCommander data with external programs, eg. MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Excel, etc.
    • Sends data to and opens external programs automatically
  • Unlimited phone numbers per record
    • Perfect for today's multiple office, fax, voice mail, pager, cellular, e-mail and personal numbers
  • Built-in telephone dialer
    • Provides for swift telemarketing and follow-up calls
    • Supports long-distance and local long-distance access codes
  • Web Page Launcher 
    • Instantly opens web sites for addresses contained within contact records
      • Easy access to your contacts' web sites enable simple review of their web-based information
  • User-definable Free Fields - New!
    • Track important data not already provided for
    • Now includes 42 Free Fields: 30 text fields, 6 number fields and 6 Date fields
  • Link Contacts to folders and/or directly to external third-party files - New!
    • No more trying to remember where you placed contact-related files
    • Provides for instant retrieval of spreadsheet quotes or special documents you create for your contacts
    • Link to pictures, video clips, audio recordings and more!
  • Multiple contacts per record help you keep in touch with primary as well as alternate contacts
    • Supports an unlimited number of alternate contact phone numbers
  • Multiple addresses per record
    • Primary mailing address
    • Alternate address
    • Shipping address
    • Billing address
    • Site address
  • Enhanced printing of contact and activity lists
    • Lists print all contact phone numbers to ensure you have the means to communicate with contacts even when out of the office or away from the computer
  • 'Combo' layouts print contact data along with histories, notes and activities
    • Enables you to keep key contact information on hand when away from the computer or on the road
  • Record "Tags"
    • Tag individual or groups of records for quick searches
    • Each network client maintains their own record tags
  • Database "Bookmarks"
    • Remember your place in the database for easy return
    • Each network client maintains their own bookmarks
  • Sensible data entry
    • "Mouse-less" data entry module improves efficiency be letting you keep your hands on the keyboard
    • Add new records using information from an existing record
    • Insert data into fields via user-definable list boxes
    • Drag and drop data between fields
  • Automatic duplicate record checking upon data entry
    • Prevents unintentional record duplication
  • A truly practical and intuitive user interface design
    • Descriptive buttons bars provide access to commonly used features and functions
    • Record data is divided into separate screens; work with only the data particular to the task at hand
    • Visual "key data" indicators save you time by letting you to see at a glance whether a contact's record contains other pertinent key information, without having to actually switch between views, modules, or forms
    • Sort on any field with the click of a mouse, or define your own sort
    • Complete, searchable, and printable on-line documentation
  • Built-in Transfer functions
    • Easily exchange data with other LeadCommander users, even if you're not networked
  • ...and much, much more!
    Users say...
    "I used to be involved with Epicor, where we sold extremely expensive CRM software ($50,000 and up). For years since I left Epicor I had been looking for something comparable, and finally found LeadCommander, which provides the same benefits for just a couple hundred bucks! I now use LeadCommander to control both of my companies and it does everything I want it to."
    -- James C., Bend, OR

    "I previously worked for a company that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Siebel's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, but when it comes to marketing and follow-up, I find LeadCommander does a much better job."
    -- Landon L., Phoenix, AZ

    "Loving your product the more I use it!! I cannot wait for your next version!!"
    -- Harold D., San Francisco, CA

    "Once I understood the basics, I was off and running. LeadCommander is very comprehensive, yet simple to use. If I can learn to use it, anyone can! I spend a lot of time away from my desk and find I get scattered and easily disorganized. Lead Commander quickly became my best friend! I am much more organized now, and confident that I am not losing valuable customers. I would recommend this program to anyone in sales."
    -- Susan J., Kent, WA

    "We'd been using LeadCommander for less than a year in our new project in Vero Beach, Florida ...we are now using a network version of LeadCommander... we have come to rely on the system!"
    -- Bob N., Carlton Group, Vero Beach, FL

    "I love using LeadCommander! When I turn on my computer, LeadComander opens automatically and stays open so I always have instant access to my client information and their details."
    -- D. McMillan, McMillan & Company Professional Organizing

    "The number one reason many [salespeople] aren't successful is that they fail to follow up. I own a business in Tucson, Arizona and often hear from clients in regards to their previous agents, 'They didn't stay in touch with me!' Lead Commander and a solid after-sale follow-up plan can result in vastly greater income for any agent down the road. And, it seems that the popular 'Cookie Cutter' contact programs are just too impersonal to be of much use. It takes that personal touch to keep contacts alive!"
    -- Paul O., Vantage Point Realty, Tucson, AZ

    "LeadCommander is a very powerful tool for prospecting. I am very pleased to use it, and appreciate what you have done for me."
    -- Pari A., San Jose, CA

    "Great program! Obviously alot of thought went into it!"
    -- Ron B., Salinas, CA

    "LeadCommander saved my life the very first time I used it!"
    -- M. Lum, Hawaii Benefits, Inc.

    "LeadCommander is easier to use than the other contact managers I have tried."
    -- Traci M., M.D., Psychiatry, Santa Monica, CA

    "I like LeadCommander very much and use it as my contact management program for my real estate business. I have experience with Top Producer, ACT!, and Power Prosecting, but am more partial to Lead Commander."
    -- Craig H., Tucson, AZ

    "I've been using LeadCommander since November, 1996, and its organizational abilities have always saved me time and its postal barcoding saves me money!"
    -- Dean J., Tucson, AZ

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