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LeadCommander Training
LeadCommander is an extremely powerful contact and customer relationship management system, chock full of features and functions to propel your business to new heights, as well as make your life easier. While resources include excellent documentation and access to the LeadCommander community via our User Forum, we understand that some people would rather learn about LeadCommander's goodies by being guided through the program, and seeing it in action.

As one of our customers, Molly M., so eloquently put it, "In the amount of time it takes me to learn something new, no matter how easy it may be, I could be closing deals, so I'd much rather shorten my learning curve and be trained than have to teach myself." Point well-taken, Molly, especially if you have money to be made!

Whether you're new to LeadCommander, or are an advanced user looking to take advantage of LeadCommander's power functions, DataBasix offers training in the comfort of your own home or office via online meetings/phone calls, with two different training styles to choose from.

PowerTraining Webinar
A webinar is a web-based training seminar in which you connect to us over the internet in a group setting. Once connected, you see on your computer our computer screen here at DataBasix, on which we perform live demonstrations of the applications of LeadCommander features and functions discussed during the webinar. A special telephone number for the webinar is provided for questions and comments, and you can also post questions and comments onscreen via a message window. We typically limit our webinars to no more than 12 attendees to ensure that all attendees benefit from a webinar. Webinars run approximately two hours.
Personalized Training
LeadCommander is used in a wide variety of industries and markets, and we recognize that many users employ the use of LeadCommander in very specific ways within their respective industries. Personalized training enables you to receive training tailored specifically to meet the needs of you and your business. In fact, our Personalized Training Setup includes us learning about your business market and how you specifically operate within that market, so that we can show you how to apply LeadCommander's power to the particular way you do business.

Personalized trainings are typically two hours long, however, we also provide full-day trainings which consist of two (2) two-hour sessions with a break in between the two sessions.

Quality Training From the Proper Source
Whether you opt to attend a webinar or setup a personalized training, rest assured that you will receive training from DataBasix directly, rather than be trained by an outsourced third-party reading from a script.
Students say...
"Thank you for the training. It was fun and a great learning experience. I liked it because I saw some features that I hadnít seen before that can help us out a lot! Also, it brought me back to the focus of the program (using it as our command center). Thank you for drilling that because it helped me step back and think of some more internal applications in which we can utilize itís great tracking system. Thank you again, it was a blast! I think you did a great job flowing, keeping it funny and light and enforcing features that were worth learning about."
-- Kasia H., 10-User Network Version, San Jose, CA

"I really enjoyed the training... seeing all the built in features of your product and hearing others gush over it... thanks for the great training!"
-- Vivian W., Single-User Version, San Francisco, CA

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