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Uses and Applications
Single-User Version
Jane is a top producer who works out of a prominent real estate brokerage. Jane's lead-generation techniques and diligent after-sale follow-up efforts provide her with hot new prospects, and referrals that are ready to go. Jane runs her real estate business entirely by herself, and needed software that would help her manage the many facets of her business.

When prospecting for new leads, LeadCommander's ability to translate data in a variety of formats enables Jane to import data from a variety of data sources. The software's unlimited searching and sorting capabilities help Jane make the most of her direct mailing campaigns by enabling her to target specific types of contacts with mailers that are specific to those contact types.

When following up with clients, Jane performs different follow-up tasks for her clients depending upon whether they're buyer or seller clients. LeadCommander's Action Plans enable Jane to easily manage both types of clients.

LeadCommander enables Jane to stay on top of her game as a top-producing realtor. Jane uses the single-user version of LeadCommander.

Multi-User Network Version
Kristine's company operates in a manner that requires multiple users to be able to access the company's database of customers for various reasons.  Salespeople use the database as a contact manager to follow-up with leads and take orders; order processing needs access to those same customer records when fulfilling orders; customer service needs access to update those records when contact information changes.

The simultaneous access capabilities of LeadCommander enable Kristine's company to have all departments use the software at the same time. Because users on multi-user versions share the same database, all changes made by users are seen instantly by other users, which makes for efficient and effective operations. LeadCommander also supports simultaneous use by users of different flavors of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more, all connected to LeadCommander at the same time!

Multi-User Network Version with Remote Clients
Jim owns a highly successful real estate brokerage firm where his many agents work together as one big team. In addition to working in the office, each agent also often works from their home office. LeadCommander's built-in remote networking enables users to access the database over the internet. What's even nicer is that Jim maintains complete control over his database, because it's simply installed on a computer in his office, and not on some web server somewhere in cyberspace. So, even if access to the internet is interrupted, or there's some glitch out there on the world wide web, Jim always has access to his database in his office!
Multiple Single-Users
As an insurance agent, Bill employs telemarketing as part of his sales efforts. Bill, and each of his assistants, work out of different locations. Each telemarketer has their own single-user copy of LeadCommander, since they don't share leads. His assistants make cold-calls, and when they encounter bona-fide porspects, they pass the prospects on to Bill for further contact, since Bill's the insurance expert. LeadCommander's Transfer functions enable users to transfer complete contact records from one LeadCommander database to another! An added benefit to this application of LeadCommander is that each contact record transferred includes the name of the assistant who generated the lead, so Bill can track who's giving him the most business.
Single-User / Network Version Combo
Darrell is the Pacific Rim sales rep for a semi-conductor manufacturer with a global sales force. Darrell uses the single-user version of LeadCommander for his contact management and marketing needs, as do the other sales reps. On a weekly basis, each rep Transfers his database to the home office, where the data is then Transferred into a network version of LeadCommander that is accessible by the sales  manager and sales support team at the home office. The sales manager can then see detailed accounts of what's going in the field, and sales suppoprt can prepare periodic mailers the company normally sends to all of its customers. An added benefit to this application is that Darrell's company protects itself against attrition by updating its central database on a regular basis.
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