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Strategic and Alliance Partners

DataBasix enjoys mutually beneficial relationships with its customers as well as other third parties. Working closely with customers and partners enables DataBasix to continue to bring to market new and exciting tools for marketing, business promotion, and building relationships.

Title Insurance Companies
Title insurance companies, such as Chicago Title Insurance Company, First American Title Insurance Company and Magnus Title Agency, have been distributing DataBasix's LeadCommander software into the real estate industry under OEM license since 1994. By showing real estate professionals how to use LeadCommander to increase their business, these progressive companies use this unique opportunity to position themselves as technology partners in the success of their clients. This smart marketing strategy in turn results in fruitful relationships for the title companies. The title companies also use LeadCommander internally to manage their own marketing and follow-up campaigns.
Cates International
  Founder Steven Cates is an author, lecturer, and business coach. Cates is noted as one of America's foremost authorities on psychology of achieving peak performance and handling the challenges of change. Clients span a wide variety of industries including automobile manufacturing, banking, real estate and more. The Cates International team of coaches shows clients how to increase and manage new business using DataBasix's LeadCommander Contact Management System.  
Oscar Marquez Seminars
  OMS provides high-level sales and marketing training for real estate professionals internationally. This training includes use of OMS's proprietary turn-key sales and marketing system powered by DataBasix's LeadCommander Real Estate Contact Manager. OMS's exclusive and content-rich system is proven to increase business, even in slow markets. OMS also uses DataBasix's LeadCommander Customer Relationship Manager internally.  
FreedomVOICE Systems
  The technology leader in all-encompassing toll-free telephone phone number services, FreedomVOICE Systems' voicemail, advertising hotline and virtual office products bring powerful, scalable communications technologies to small businesses and enterprises alike at amazingly economical prices. Through a venture with DataBasix, FreedomVOICE has created a revolutionary new FreedomVOICE for LeadCommander system exclusively for DataBasix's customers. Among other hot, new features and functions, this leading-edge system includes the sending of telephone call activity data directly into DataBasix's LeadCommander software, enabling users to implement and manage marketing and sales campaigns in a simplified manner never before possible. This integration makes analyzing effectiveness of campaigns a breeze, and prevents hot prospects from falling through cracks.  
Indentify USA
  This U.S. division of an international corporation manufactures identification systems designed to "mark" assets and other valuable inventory. These "identifier" systems have proven to deter theft and improve recovery percentages of stolen items worldwide. DataBasix's AssetCommander software is the asset tracking and reporting system of Identify USA's DataDot Identifier kit.  
Star Touch International
  Star Touch worked closely with DataBasix to enhance their ESA advanced virtual office telecommunications service system to interface with DataBasix's LeadCommander contact management software. Detailed call information captured by ESA is funneled into LeadCommander, enabling ESA/LeadCommander users to analyze marketing efforts and increase productivity with enhanced follow-up efficiency.  
Dataquick Information Systems
  DataQuick is a national data provider of property and business data. Dataquick teamed with DataBasix to ensure that Dataquick's internet data delivery method is a smooth and simple process for DataBasix customers who market to businesses and property owners using DataBasix's LeadCommander software.  
Business Development
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