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Never forget a password again!
  Are you tired of trying to keep track of all the passwords you have for various accounts? In this day and age of technology, and instant access to information over the Internet, it seems you inevitably end up with accounts that require login or user names and passwords. Whether they're investment accounts, e-mail,  memberships to online shopping malls, personal banking, or simply access to your voice mail, if you're like most of us, your passwords have become too unwieldy to manage. You've tried making a list of your passwords, and putting your list somewhere where not just anyone can find it, but half the time even YOU can't find it! So, you've resorted to trying to use the same user name and password for all your accounts. Security experts will tell you that's an invitation to disaster because if someone gets a hold of your login information, they've got access to your whole world. Yikes!

Now, you can put that all behind you with PasswordCommander.

Keep your passwords, and login or user names and IDs in PasswordCommander's database and you'll never forget a password again. Since PasswordCommander itself is password-protected to keep your account information protected from prying eyes, you only need to remember one password to have instant access to all your other passwords!

PasswordCommander is not just a password saver, it also makes your life easier with its ability to launch web sites and built-in telephone dialer. For example, if you store the web address and phone number to your investment account PasswordCommander can either take you to the web address or dial the phone at the click of a button. You can even drag 'n' drop your login names and passwords into fields on web pages!

If you get creative with PasswordCommander's ability to store 64,000 characters in each field, you can have phone numbers and access codes dialed for you in one-fell-swoop!

And, if you like to bookmark favorite places on the internet, you're better off using PasswordCommander for bookmarking than a web browser, because PasswordCommander won't ever lose those bookmarks even if you change web browsers, upgrade your operating system or get a new computer!

PasswordCommander Key Features
  • Store complete account access information for all of your password-protected accounts. Use PasswordCommander for:
    • Bank Accounts
    • Credit Card Accounts
    • Voice Mail Access
    • Pager Accounts
    • Cell Phone Access
    • E-mail Accounts
    • Online Accounts
    • Software Passwords
    • ...and more!
  • Drag'n'Drop enables you to drag login IDs and passwords and drop them onto web pages - NEW!
  • Powerful search function enables you to instantly locate the password you need
  • Sort your accounts and passwords any way you want to keep organized
  • Automatically dials telephone access accounts
  • Automatically launches web site addresses for online access accounts
  • Included BackupCommander module backs up your data for safekeeping
  • PasswordCommander itself is password-protected to keep your other passwords safe
  • Remember only a single password and instantly access all your other passwords
  • 30 Days of Free Technical Support

    ...and more!

  If you only need to track a small number of passwords, use PasswordCommander for free!
PasswordCommander Download

PasswordCommander - unlimited records $19.95

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