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Keep your name in front of customers forever... without spending lots of time and money!
  Do you find yourself spending precious time and hard-earned money just to keep your name in front of your prospects and clients? High-competition typically forces businesses to work harder at getting a leg up on the competition. We enable you to work smarter, not harder. Our line of promotional software is geared to help you position your name at the forefront of the minds of your targets.  
  Wouldn't your ad specialty items be more effective if they were truly useful to your targets, inexpensive to you, yet instill the message that you're there for the long haul? Our AssetCommander, PasswordCommander and ReceiptCommander products are extremely useful and easy-to-use. We can provide you with special versions of these products, customized with an opening screen configured with your company name and contact information to serve as perpetual advertising for you every time the program is launched.

And, because these are products people will want to use for years to come, your name will be in front of them for many years. You can also experience a substantial savings by eliminating from your marketing strategy the typical promotional items like pens that run out of ink...calendars that expire...and mailers that often go unread!

How to Order
  Orders for Promotional Versions of our software must be handled by telephone. To order, please call:

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