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Expense tracking for Windows. As seen on TV!
ReceiptCommander is an extremely easy to use program for tracking expenses, storing images of receipts, and when used for filing taxes, is the easiest tax software you'll ever come across! Now you can archive those unwieldly shoeboxes full of receipts and keep all your receipts in one easy-to-access place!

Designed with simplicity in mind, ReceiptCommander's design is so intuitive anyone can use it! You shouldn't have to be a Propeller-Head to use any computer software program, especially one that is so effective in tracking business and personal expenses, and filing taxes. Use it with your scanner or digital camera. And, if you're a business professional, you can even track expenses by client!

ReceiptCommander includes:
  • Expenses tracking by:
    • Date
    • Type
    • Category
    • Amount
    • Expense Paid To
    • Client for whom the expense is generated
    • Description
  • Storing of Receipt Images
    • Graphic Formats Supported:
      • Computer Graphics Metafile (.CGM)
      • Bitmap (.BMP)
      • Tagged Image File Format (.TIF)
      • Compuserve GIF (.GIF)
      • ZSoft Paintbrush (.PCX)
      • Aldus/Windows Metafile (.WMF)
      • Micrografix Designer (.DRW)
      • HP Graphics Language (.PLT)
      • Lotus Picture (.PIC)
      • Autocad Slide (.SLD)
      • Macintosh PICT (.PCT)
      • MacPaint (.MAC)
      • JPEG (.JPG) 
      • Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS)
  • Supports Windows Drag 'n' Drop
  • Full Searching and Sorting Capabilities
  • On-screen and Printed Lists Sorted, Subtotaled, and Totaled by Category and Date
  • 30 Days of Free Technical Support

    ...and more!

ReceiptCommander includes these additional benefits:
  • Insurance Policy Module - link assets to insurance policies
  • Insurance Coverage-to-Asset Value Ratio Monitor alerts you when asset values exceed policy coverage amounts
  • Police Asset Loss Report generation for assistance with reporting losses
  • Insurance Asset Loss Report generation for assistance with filing insurance claims
  • Added support for JPEG (.JPG) graphic file format
  • Backup module backs up entire program for added protection
  • DataDot-enhanced means it also works with the DataDot Theft Deterrent and Asset Protection Kit
The Experts say...
"Hey, this is the year to finally get organized, and ReceiptCommander is the product to do it with. It's time for Mr. and Mrs. Flintstone to throw out that old shoe box filing system and start using technology to organize their receipts. ReceiptCommander makes it so easy; you don't have to be a computer expert to use it."
-- The Gadget Guru, Andy Pargh, Nationally Syndicated Newspaper Columnist and Technology Correspondent for NBC's TODAY Show
Users say...
"Thank you so much for your help. Last year I did everything on ReceiptCommander and it made everything so much easier. I really love it. My tax man was really happy receiving a ReceiptCommander printout last year. I sure don't want to disappoint him this year. So, I will spend a little time this year and learn a little more about the program. It is very straight forward."
-- Gayle O., Las Vegas, NV

"Excellent program. Cleanest interface I have ever seen."
-- Dean W., Choices, Lynnfield, MA

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