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Uses & Applications
Whether you use SmartFileCopy for business or personal use, there are many ways that SmartFileCopy can make you more productive and help you protect important data. Below are just a few ways SmartFileCopy helps folks more easily make copies of files, as well as transport files between different computers and devices.
Making File Copies for Backup Purposes
Brandon is a real estate and mortgage professional who knows how important it is to maintain copies of his business data. He uses SmartFileCopy to automate the process of making copies of critical data files that are spread out in many different folders on his computer's hard drive. One of his SmartFileCopy profiles gathers all important documents and copies them to an external hard drive for safekeeping. Brandon uses SmartFileCopy's AutoRun option with this particular profile, and runs the AutoRun option as a scheduled task in Windows Task Scheduler. This enables Brandon to have his files copied automatically at certain times.

Brandon prefers to use SmartFileCopy over standard backup software and says he doesn't like the fact that backup software typically compresses all data into a single all-encompassing file. He likes knowing that if he ever needs to access his data copied with SmartFileCopy, he can simply open any of the files without having to jump through any hoops by first having to uncompress or decrypt a backup set, which can leave him in a bind at a crucial moment if he doesn't have immediate access to the same backup software that was originally used to make the backup set. Good thinking, Brandon!

Copying Pictures From a Camera Memory Card
Greg is a photo buff who takes many photos with his digital camera, and while he always copies his photos from his camera's memory card to his computer's hard drive, Greg also likes to keep his original photos on his camera should he ever want to show a someone a photo on his camera's display. Greg uses SmartFileCopy to simplify copying photos from his digital camera's memory card to his computer's hard drive. Since SmartFileCopy only copies newer files, he no longer has to look through hundreds of pictures on his camera to decide which ones need copying to his computer. He simply runs a SmartFileCopy profile that copies only the newer files form his camera card to his computer.

Because SmartFileCopy takes up less than 1/5 of the space a single picture requires on his 5.1 megapixel camera, Greg keeps SmartFileCopy installed on his camera's memory card so that he can run the program no matter what computer he attaches his camera or memory card to.

Transporting Data Between Home and Work Computers via a Flash Drive
John often brings work home from the office, and one of the things he works on at home is his work database. He maintains SmartFileCopy profiles that copy the files from his work computer to his flash drive, copy that data from the flash drive to his home computer, and vice versa to bring the updated data back to his office. John especially likes that his Profiles dynamically adapt to whatever drive letter his flash drive becomes when inserted into the different computers.

John keeps SmartFileCopy and all his profiles on his flash drive so that he can run the profiles on both his home and work computers, which is especially beneficial to him because his company has a strict policy about software being installed on work computers.

Transferring Data From a Mobile Phone
Andrew is a bass fisherman. He takes pictures of his worthy catches with his mobile cellular phone which is equipped with an SD memory card. Like many fishermen, Andrew likes to keep the pictures of the "big ones" he catches on his phone so that he can exercise bragging rights whenever he gets together with other fishing buddies. Andrew uses SmartFileCopy Profiles to copy new pictures from his mobile phone's SD card to his already-massive library of fish pictures. Like Greg and John above, Andrew also keeps SmartFileCopy installed on this SD card so he's ready to copy pictures onto his friends' computers.
Copying Data from One Computer to Another
Kristine's computer is attached to a home network. She uses SmartFileCopy to automatically copy personal data she wants backed up to a folder on another computer on her network. SmartFileCopy profiles enable her to copy all desired files in one-fell-swoop, without her having to think about which files need copying, and from where.
Distributing and Retrieving Files Over a Network
James is a network administrator at a law firm. He often needs to update multiple computers on the company's network with new information pertaining to cases in progress. SmartFileCopy profiles help him distribute specific files to computers across the network. James also uses SmartFileCopy to retrieve all files pertaining to a particular client from multiple computers on the network when one of the attorney's needs a compilation of all documents relating to the client.
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