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Automatic File Copy Software for Windows
SmartFileCopy is a high-performance, point-and-click, smart file copy software designed to help you automate the copying and transferring of files between folders and drives on a single computer, multiple computers, and storage devices such as USB flash drives (even the new U3 SmartDrive), portable hard drives, memory cards (cameras, media players, mobile phones, etc.), zip drives, and more.

For example, many people work on a home computer as well as a computer in the office. If you're one of them, you probably know how important it is to always have to remember which files to take back and forth between those computers. You also probably know how frustrating it is when you forget to take back to the office some files you took home to work on the previous night, or worse, start editing an older copy of a file because you thought you brought the updated one back to the office with you! You can now put all that behind you because SmartFileCopy can do the remembering and copying for you!

SmartFileCopy can also be used to make copies of files for backup purposes. And, since SmartFileCopy makes straight copies of files without compressing them into a proprietary format, you can simply open the files on the destination as you normally would, without having to uncompress them first.

You can also use SmartFileCopy to copy files such as music, pictures and other personal data to and from memory cards. And, because SmartFileCopy is compact in size, you can even install it onto the smallest memory card, so you have it wherever you go.

SmartFileCopy Key Features and Benefits
  • Define and save settings of the files to be copied in Profiles. For example, a Profile can instruct SmartFileCopy to copy the Microsoft Word documents in the My Documents folder on your home computer to your notebook computer, as well as copy all your picture files to a portable drive for safekeeping. Profiles also enable you to copy the same sets of files in the future with a simple point-and-click operation.
  • Setup Wizard walks you through the process of selecting folders and files for copying.
  • Multiple Profiles can be defined so that you can have different sets of file-copy settings for different needs. For example, you might want a Profile for copying only work-related documents between your home and office computers using a portable drive, yet maintain a different Profile for copying all your personal picture files from your camera's memory card to your computer and/or a USB flash drive for safekeeping.
  • File Type Specification Option enables you to have only specific files copied. For example, you can tell SmartFileCopy to copy only the Microsoft Word documents in your My Documents folder to the destination location. SmartFileCopy also supports standard filemasks and wildcards for even greater power and flexibility. Imagine being able to gather and copy all documents pertaining to a special project in one-fell-swoop!
  • Blazingly fast SmartFileCopy Technology results in high-performance file-copy operations when updating a folder, by copying the source files to the destination ONLY if the source files are newer. In fact, our benchmark tests have shown that when updating a folder that's over 100Mb in size SmartFileCopy can perform its magic at more than 5 times faster than Windows Explorer!
  • SmartLogs, provided for each copy operation, are detailed down to the very last byte so you can see exactly what transpired during the operation. You will know which files were copied or updated, which files were skipped, and even know the total number and size of files processed, copied and skipped, and even how long an operation took!
  • SmartFileCopy includes AutoRun options that provide you with the ability to have files copied without input from you. Since SmarFileCopy is perfectly compatible with third-party scheduling programs such as the Task Scheduler that comes with Microsoft Windows, you can even use AutoRun for unattended operations at preset times.
  • Leading edge Mobile Installation option enables you to install SmartFileCopy directly onto portable or removable drives, including flash drives, memory cards (cameras, media players, mobile phones, etc.). This enables you to run SmartFileCopy and any of your Profiles on any computer to which the drive is attached without having to install SmartFileCopy on the computer you plug your drive or card into!
  • SmartFileCopy is compatible with (and can be installed on, if you wish) any drive or memory card that is installed in, or can be attached to, your computer. This means you can use SmartFileCopy to transfer files between virtually any memory device, including computer drives, digital cameras, MP3 media players, mobile phones, and more. Below are some of the devices SmartFileCopy supports:
    • Internal hard drive
    • External hard drive
    • Removable drive
    • USB drive
    • Flash drive
    • Zip drive
    • Memory card such as Compact Flash, XD card, SD card, etc.
    • Floppy Disc
Users say...
"SmartFileCopy is the greatest. I setup a Profile to copy a photo CD from my CD drive to my hard drive, and the total copy job took almost exactly one minute. Then, I did the same thing with Windows Explorer just to see how long it would take, and it took three minutes! Not only is SmartFileCopy much faster, SmartFileCopy is going to make it much easier for me to archive and organize years and years of digital photos from when my son was a baby. SmartFileCopy is so cool!”
-- Greg Kaighn, Prescott, AZ

"I use SmartFileCopy instead of backup software to save copies of my business files to an external drive. I don't like how backup software backs up my data into a proprietary backup file, which is a pain to deal with because I have to use special software to get to my backed up files. And, if I don’t have immediate access to the software, which can happen when I take my external drive to another computer, I can be in big trouble. But, I can open copies of files made with SmartFileCopy just as easily as I would normally open the original files, without having to use any special software.”
-- Brandon Castille, Pasadena, CA

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