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DataBasix Forum

Not only a technical resource, the DataBasix Forum is also an interactive web forum where users of DataBasix products gather to access and share information regarding DataBasix Products. Because DataBasix products are used around the world in a wide variety of industries, the forum enables all types of DataBasix product users to interact with one another, making the forum an international community where members can help each other and share alternative ways they use DataBasix products to accomplish specific tasks.

The DataBasix Forum is designed so that all questions and answers are automatically databased. Thus, the forum's Find function operates similar to the Find function found in DataBasix products themselves, and can be used to search the entire database of topics to retrieve all posts that include specific key words or phrases you specify.

The DataBasix Forum is much more resourceful than anFAQ section found on a typical website, because FAQ topics are often based upon what that site's administrator feels are the most frequently asked questions. And, unlike companies that subcontract services out to third parties, DataBasix Technologies itself moderates the DataBasix Forum, to help ensure that forum members' privacy is safeguarded, and to help protect against abuse.

As you can see, the DataBasix Forum is an invaluable resource to any level of user. As a registered member, you can:

  • Ask questions about DataBasix products that aren't necessarily covered by the documentation
  • Learn how to apply a product's features to fit the way you use the product
  • Read other members' posts to discover alternative ways to use a product
  • Draw upon other members' use of DataBasix products to help you shorten your learning curve and avoid common mistakes
  • Search the ever-growing database archives of the forum
  • Share experiences with other users
  • Answer other users' product questions

    * Please note that because use of the DataBasix Forum is provided as a courtesy to users of DataBasix products. You are encouraged to contribute to the forum community whenever you feel you can be helpful, because as the saying goes, "What goes around, comes around"!

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