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Application Window Control Utility for Windows
  Current Version: 3.0 - Available in Single-user and Developer Edtions (compatible with all programs - perfect for FileMaker Pro Solution Developers)  
  WindowCommander is a powerful, yet easy to use window manipulation utility that sizes and positions program windows, regardless of whether they're top-level (parent) program application windows, document (child) windows, or drive or folder windows. WindowCommander is a 32-bit application and runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Using the included configuration module, you tell WindowCommander which windows you want to control, and how you want them to appear. WindowCommander  can size and position a single window, or multiple windows all the same time. Windows can be maximized, minimized, restored, and even hidden.

While WindowCommander is a great tool for software developers, even the most novice of end-users can benefit by using WindowCommander to manipulate  frequently-used program windows. Use the Single-User version to size and position windows of programs you use frequently. For example, you like to have your e-mail program, your accounting program, and your customer database open at the same time. Use WindowCommander to "remember" their positions, and at the click of a button, the windows automatically go where you want them!

With the Developer Distribution Kit, you can pre-define the sizes and positions of windows you use in your applications, and distribute a WindowCommander module with your programs. This special module is a fast, "silent" version of WindowCommander, which provides seamless integration into your applications.

For example, FileMaker Pro software developers can have their FileMaker database windows sized and positioned automatically by running WindowCommander from a button or script. WindowCommander can even size and position application(parent) and database(child) windows of solutions binded in kiosk mode! Don't even waste your time trying that with an overpriced, under-achieving FileMaker "plug-in"!  Something to beware of with some other FileMaker plug-ins is that they must remain running in the background to work. Need we ask what happens if that plug-in becomes unstable and crashes? Yikes! WindowCommander, on the other hand,  runs once, then closes, so there's no chance of it crashing due to environmental conditions. If you like, you can simply insert Send Message commands to WindowCommander in your FileMaker scripts, and whenever such a script is run, WindowCommander controls the desired windows. FileMaker developers are known to "pepper" multiple scripts with Send Message commands to WindowCommander to ensure that their windows return to the designated positions should a user inadvertently move them to an undesirable position. Of course, FileMaker solutions binded in Kiosk mode only need WindowCommander to be run once, since there is no way for users to move Kiosked windows once they're set.With a little creativity, WindowCommander can help you accomplish all kinds of things. For example, imagine having your own top menus in your FileMaker Pro Solutions! Yes, you read right: WindowCommander can help you create top menus in solutions you distribute with FileMaker Runtime!

And, unlike a typical plug-in for a program like FileMaker Pro, that works with one program (and in FileMaker's case, only certain versions), WindowCommander can manipulate ANY program's parent application and child windows, which means it works with ALL versions of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Runtime, and any other program for that matter.

If that's not enough, you can even distribute multiple configurations to accomodate for various screen resolutions. For example, your FileMaker Pro windows can run maximized on a computer configured with a 640 x 480 screen resolution, be restored to specific sizes and positions when run at 800 x 600, or be restored to yet even different sizes and positions when run at 1024 x 768, etc. If you like, you can even use WindowCommander to hide windows! Oh, and don't forget about multiple configurations to accomodate for special environments. For example, if you distribute a FileMaker solution into environments where your solution could be used with FileMaker Runtime and/or FileMaker Pro, you don't have to maintain special versions of your solutions to accommodate for that. You can simply create and distribute multiple WindowCommander configurations.

As you can see, WindowCommander is not your typical utility. Simply put, there is nothing else like it!

If you have specific needs and want to know if WindowCommander can help, feel free to contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the navigation bar on the left.

  WindowCommander Singe-User Version - US$39
WindowCommander Developer Distribution Kit - US$199

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