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Windows Automatic Login
Isn't the login prompt displayed when Windows starts up a royal pain in the @$$?
  If you're like most people, you don't sit in front of your computer waiting for Windows to open because that's a waste of time. So, you turn on your computer and go do something useful (like get your coffee), thinking that by the time you return to your computer, Windows will be ready and waiting for you.

Unfortunately, when you return to your computer, instead of being ready to go, Windows is asking you to login with a user account and/or password! And, then, after logging in, you're forced to wait again while Windows finishes loading! AAAARGH! Once again, you go off to do something else until Windows finishes the rest of its Startup routine. Wouldn't it make more sense if it was called Windows "Stop-n-Go" instead of Windows "Startup"?

Enter Windows Automatic Login
  At DataBasix, we finally got sick of this irritating behavior, and rather than hope and pray for a "fix" that we know all too well will never come, we decided to do something about it ourselves. We created a utility that enables you to configure Windows to login to a user account automatically. The result is a smooth Windows Startup

Hence, when you turn on your computer, get your coffee, and return, Windows is waiting for you! What a welcome change! And, you can disable the Windows Automatic Login anytime you want, so if you travel with a notebook, or allow other users to use your computer you can be sure no one else can login to your account.

And, best of all, Windows Automatic Login for Windows XP and Windows Vista is absolutely free for a limited time! No gimmicks, no gotchas!

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